If we were having coffee…  July 14, 2018

If we were having coffee… July 14, 2018

If we were having coffee,  I would tell you to come over to my new home.  We will enjoy a cuppa and catch up on some gossip.  That was my plan,  but this week has been too dramatic for me.  It did start off well.  It had been raining heavily since last week due to which I kept postponing my grocery shopping till I reached Saturday and there was nothing left in the house.  Braving the heavy crowd which is typical at our Supermarket,  I replenished my grocery.  As I came home,  I realised I needed to get the wheat flour.  Since, I have shifted to a new area,  I struggled to get my shopping perfect.  But as luck would have it,  it was smoother than I imagined.

On Sunday,  we stayed indoors as it was raining heavily.  Meanwhile, we watched the rescue of the Thai children stuck in a cave.  I was amazed with the systematic way,  the divers and their teams went about doing what is meant to be done.  And the result is that the children were saved along with their coach. Continue reading