Terminal Time (Daily Prompt)

Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?


Aha! So, stuck at the airport and with time heavy on the hands, what is it that I would like to do.  Realizing that I do not have my smartphone / laptop/blah /blah with me, how to spend the time.

I would definitely like to go around the airport shops.  Look into the bookstores, those luxury watches, jewellery and of course the travellers’ favorites – electronic gadgets.  It’s a good time to browse through these.  If tired of the walking, will also like to eat a good meal. Airport food is definitely not the tastiest but we can always depend on the MacDonald’s, Subways at the food court.

Still couple of hours left, how about taking that nap sitting on the lazy chairs at the airport. I have even more ideas like completing the novel I have been reading, calling up an old friend for a long chat or watch the people going about their businesses.  And, can also write up a blog on a notepad paper.

Thinking of all these ideas, I am looking forward to getting some terminal time.

A Daily Walk

A Daily Walk

Daily Walk
Daily Walk

Every day (almost) I go for a daily walk.  This is a ritual I do in the evenings.  My siblings ask me, what is so great about it? Who has the time for this? We can’t see anything positive about it.

To be honest, initially, it was very difficult for me to take the time out to go for this walk.  Earlier, my children were too small and I couldn’t really leave them home alone.  Then, it was their schools, tuitions which made me time-bound.  On top of all this, the 4 hour commute to work and putting in 8-9 hours at the office everyday.  In a routine medical check-up, I realized all my vital stats were northbound.  It had not reached any danger levels but the threat was there.  By then, I had started working from home and my movements were limited to the inside of the house and no exercise whatsoever.

That’s when I decided to take control of my life.  An hour needs to be spent on myself.  And not in front of any digital gadgets like TV, laptop, cellphone, ear phones, kindle or even my books.  I had to take time out for myself away from the daily routine.

After many years, this needs some preparation, mentally and physically.

First, I thought up every excuse to avoid the walk and gave a logical reason to negate the excuse.  That was a big block in my mind which I overcame.

Second, I decided to start off with a 15-20 minute walk come rain or shine.  Since, I had solutions to all my excuses, there was no way to avoid it.  I literally forced myself to get out of the house.

Third, to avoid boredom, picked up different routes everyday.

Gradually, I began to increase the walk duration and over a couple of month’s time, I was able to walk for 1 full hour and some more.

The other important thing, during the walk, is the thoughts that we have.  Its a time to connect with yourself.  Reminisce about life in general, think about what do you want to achieve, how are the children growing up.  Listen to the sounds of life on the way – the birds chirping, wind blowing, people talking, children playing, vehicles honking.  See the colors of life – the trees, flowers, the people. Take in the surroundings, be fully aware of it.   If nothing, just sit down and watch the world go by.  Its beautiful.

20140607_184936 20140607_185047

The daily walk has given me many benefits, medically and mentally, and would recommend you to start on the same.   As per statistics, the productivity at work has improved too.  So, get your pair of walking shoes and start off.


About Myself….

Hello dear Reader,

A warm welcome to my blog.  Lata Image

I am Lata.  I am based out of Mumbai, India.  I have been blogging since June 2014.  It has been a good journey since then.  Read all about it here.

I had initially started off with baby steps into writing non-fiction.  And have since then ventured into fiction, short stories, poems.  I have discovered aspects of writing which I never even knew existed and its been pure pleasure.  Blogging for me started off as a hobby and hopefully,  someday I will have a good story to turn into a book.

I want to thank the blogging community that has helped me, held my hand, guided me throughout my blogging journey.

The blog name story –

Many people ask me about my blog name.  Hmm.. I call it ‘Hot Cup of Kaapi’ which means ‘Hot Cup of Coffee’.   ‘Kaapi’ is Coffee in local south Indian languages to give a sense of my roots.  Also,  I want the blog to be a positive place,  where we can meet and share stories and comments over a cup of coffee.  It will never give out tips or ‘gyaan’ (knowledge) of anything. Also, I do not plan to be involved in politics though its a hot topic when having coffee.

Personal – 

I am married and have 2 sons.  I live in Mumbai and also work full time.

Hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

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Thank You!

Dream Teacher : Buddha or Lord Shiva

You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you? #Dailyprompt

Let me think of what I want to learn first.  I would like to learn about spirituality from someone in history.  I’m so disillusioned with all the books and websites which offers a lot of information.  But, what about teaching?  How would it feel being taught by someone who is ready to elaborate on the nuances would be really interesting, a different experience altogether.

I have wondered what makes people follow certain rules as prescribed by the spiritual leaders (doubt the genuineness).  I mean, does it mean anything?  Is there a logical or scientific reasoning behind it.  Like I know people who fast on certain days of the week,  or wear a certain colour on a certain weekday.  This, I refuse to believe to be spiritual reasoning.  There has to be some simple or basic reasoning behind it.

So, who can teach me such stuff.  Would it be ‘Buddha, the enlightened one’?  or will it be ‘Lord Shiva – the Universal Teacher’.


Breathing Room


An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?

In this magical room,  I would first like to have a large bed so me and my friends can meet, relax and gossip.

Second is my laptop ofcourse with net.  Nothing matters, need to connect to all social media.

Third is something to read – books or my kindle.

Last, I love to see lot of greenery around, so, maybe a potted plant.

But, it shouldn’t make my room disappear!