Q is for Quiver #atozchallenge

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The Era I lived In – Parenting journey and suggestions .   

Kavipriya MoorthyWonderful tips on self-publishing,  Writing, short stories.

Sameer opened the door and let Dia in.Q

He greeted her with a cheerful ‘Hi! How was the day?’

She smiled back and entered the house.  She put her bags aside,  kicked off her pumps and walked over to the washroom.  She splashed water on her face,  washed her hands and feet.  Sameer followed her around and repeated the question, ‘How was your day?’

‘Good.  How else would it be?’ pat came the reply.

‘Ok. Do you want to have dinner now?  I will set up the table.’

‘Let it be.  Let’s eat in the kitchen,’ she called back from the bedroom where she changed into comfortable clothes. Continue reading

P is for Prayers #atozchallenge

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Fabulus and the Blue Life is exploring unique words related to our everyday lives.  It is total fun and I discovered few aspects of myself in them. 

Meanwhile, read another slice of life about Dia and Sameer.

PDia could smell the incense sticks from the next room and the tinkling of bells.  It was Sameer who must be doing his puja this early in the morning.  He was a stickler for his prayers.  The next 15 minutes will be spent in saying some shlokas,  going around the house,  praying at various corners,  and at different images of God.  He will pray even in front of the decorative curios which was of God.

How different they were,  Dia thought.  Dia would never be in front of all the idols,  praying.  When asked by Sameer,  she had said that,  she is not an atheist.  But,  she does not believe in idol worship.  She believed in the Almighty.  She prayed to him many times in the day.  But, it was more of a conversation she had with God in her mind.  She would also fold her hands in front of the occasional idol.  But,  she cannot pray like Sameer where he was totally  immersed for a good 20 minutes.

Dia felt,  there is no need to tell or show the world, that one is praying and calling on the almighty.

But,  she will never forget what Sameer told her one day.  He said, ‘You pray according to your beliefs.  In your prayers,  there is no one whom you have to emulate or to show to.  Speak to God from your heart.  If it is true,  He will hear.’

And thus they prayed,  in their own ways.


**This has been written for the A to Z Challenge 2016. My theme is A to Z in the life of Dia and Sameer, a geek and non-geek couple.  Short stories on their approach to daily life.  Do you know people like them?  Do share the stories with me. ***  

The characters Dia and Sameer are fully imaginary.  Any likeness to people is purely coincidental.   The views are the characters’ own and light-hearted.  They are not endorsements.

O is for Offo #AtoZChallenge

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Meanwhile, read another slice of life about Dia and Sameer.

O‘I used to think you had them in pink colors.  They look pretty,’  Sameer said referring to Dia’s strappy sandals.

Dia paused.  ‘They are pretty,  isn’t it?  I have them in pink also.’

Sameer was taken aback.  After all,  who will buy two pairs of same sandals with different colors?

‘Why didn’t you buy two designs?’

‘Ummm.. they were pretty and I didn’t have the heart to let go.’

A few days later,  Sameer noticed Dia in a beautiful  peach summer dress.  She looked radiant in it and he complimented her.  Continue reading

N is for Net relations #atozchallenge


I noticed some of the bloggers are recommending other blogs and I like the idea.  So,  I will recommend other blogs in the coming days. Share some blog love with them.  

Folks,  if you love to read very short / flash fiction,  hop over to A rose is a rose is a rose  and Eloquent Articulation.  

Dia was sitting on the bed with her laptop.  As usual,  she was on Facebook. Sameer walked in and found Dia engrossed.

‘Don’t you get bored Dia? surfing the net even on your off days?’ asked Sameer.

‘hmmm No.. that is when I catch up with my friends and family, ‘ said Dia and looked up to smile at him.  ‘With the Net,  I have regained contact with atleast 2/3rd of my extended family.  Isnt that amazing?’ she asked.

‘It is amazing.  But,  do you really care about them?  How many will you ever meet in your lifetime?’

‘Wow.. I hope to meet all of them.  But, you maybe right.  I may meet them and be over in just 15 -30 minutes.’

Dia disconnected and shut down the laptop. Continue reading

{M}issing you #AtoZChallenge

MDia reached her guest house and as soon as she landed,  she dialed the India number of Sameer.  It rang for a long time and finally stopped without being picked up.  Dia dialed again and again but was met with no response from Sameer.

After some more waiting, she went into the small kitchen to make some tea for herself.  She put on the electric kettle,  put the tea pouch into the cup,  some brown sugar.  She poured the hot water into the cup and added a little cold milk.

She hated this tea and longed for tea made in the Indian way.  The heater was on but she felt cold.  She pushed the curtain to look outside.  The landscape was grey with no life, spectacularly clean.

Dia thought about the view from her home. There were a thousand sounds, the children playing in the  park,  the sparrows twittering away,  the parking lot honking and a million colors.  Continue reading