Book Review : The Palace Of Illusions     #BookReview

Book Review : The Palace Of Illusions #BookReview

Book Details:PalaceJacketCover

Name:  The Palace Of Illusions

Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Genre: Mythology

Publisher: PICARDO India

Publication Year: 2008

Number of pages: 360

Price:  INR 399

My rating: 4.5/5

The Storyline –

Most of us Indians are aware of the Mahabharat epic.  If we have not read the book,  we have still seen many versions of the epic as TV Serials and movies.  The story has been done and redone many times over.  So, what makes us read the same story again and again.  Because,  everytime you read the book,  there is something new that we will understand depending on what stage of life we are in.  But still,  I had no motivation to read the book,  except that it has been written from the perspective of Draupadi.  She is the narrator.   That certainly piqued my interest.  A woman’s perspective.  And looked forward to reading the book.  And did it fulfill my wishes?  Yes!  It did!  And it was much more. Continue reading

Book Review : The Red Sari #BookReview

The_Red_SariBook Details:

Name:  The Red Sari

Author: Javier Moro

Genre: Biography

Publisher: Roli Books

Publication Year: 2015

Number of pages: 429

Price: 395 INR

My rating: 3.5/5

The Storyline –

The book is a biography of the Indian politician Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.  The book traces the life of Mrs. Gandhi from the year 1965 when she met her husband Mr. Rajiv Gandhi till the year 2014. Through her life,  the history of Indian politics from the house of the Nehru-Gandhi family is traced.  The author,  Javier Moro, has sourced information about Mrs. Gandhi from her close friends and colleagues.  The book examines how Sonia’s courage,  honesty and dedication has made her a leader in the eyes of one-sixth of humanity.  From her idyllic childhood to her passionate love affair and from her days as a docile daughter-in-law to her current status of being the only Indian politician to have refused prime ministership.

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Book Review : God Is a Gamer – 5 Reasons to read the book

Book Details:

Name:  God is a Gamer

Author: Ravi Subramanian

Genre: Thriller/Fiction

Publisher: Penguin

Publication Year: 2014

Number of pages: 310

Price: 299 INR

My rating: 4/5


Let me start off with 5 reasons why you should absolutely read the book –

1) It is an edge of the seat thriller

2) The pace of the book is fast and never slackens

3) There are multiple plots seemingly unconnected happening at different places

4) The plot ties up at the end very well by connecting the various multiple plots like ‘connecting the dots’

5) It has an unusual and surprising twist at the end and asks us the moral question that is on the cover of the book – ‘Is revenge a crime?’.  It does set you thinking after you have finished reading the book.

The Storyline –

The story starts off with the assassination of Senator Gillian Tan who is a close friend of the President of the US (POTUS), no less.  The President gets the FBI to conduct a discreet investigation into the murder.

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Book Review : Exodus by Leon Uris


Book : Exodus 

Author : Leon Uris

Published in : 1958

Total pages : 608 pages

Genre : Historical Fiction  

About the Book and Author – 

‘Exodus’ published in 1958 made Leon Uris one of America’s most popular writers.  This was the first book I have read of Leon Uris and I want more.   He has a very simplistic style of writing.  There are lot of details,  painstaking research is very much evident in the facts he has provided in the novel.

The book is about : 

the struggle of the Jews during the World War II finally culminating in the creation of the country Israel in 1948.

The main characters are a British Jewish Soldier who later becomes Palestine agent – Ari Ben Canaan,  an American nurse – Kitty Fremont, an American Journalist – Mark Parker,  a German Jewish girl – Karen and a Polish Jew Dov Landau.

The book traces the journey of these characters right from their parents struggle till the end of the book wherein the state of Israel is created.  It is a good history textbook for someone who wants to understand the Jewish-Israel-Arab-Palestine-Gaza struggles.

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