Six Minutes of Terror by Nazia Sayed and Sharmeen Hakim

Six Minutes of Terror by Nazia Sayed and Sharmeen Hakim

Author : Nazia Sayeed & Sharmeen Hakim

Version : Paperback

Genre : Non-fiction, Investigation

Source :

Publisher : Penguin India

Pages : 227

Blurb :

The Mumbai 7/11 train bombings in 2006 were one of the deadliest terror attacks the city had seen after the 1993 blast. The attacks orchestrated by the terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (the ISI) were aimed to cripple the city by attacking its lifeline – the local train. A series of seven blasts in a span of only six minutes rocked the city at seven railway stations, killing 189 and injuring over 700. Six Minutes of Terror is the first investigative book that will present a blow by blow account of the events that led to the terrorist attack, profile the people involved in the blasts as well as describe how the plot was unearthed by the police. Superbly researched, with painstaking detail, the book tries to delve into the minds of the home-grown terrorists who created unprecedented havoc and claimed innocent lives ten years after the horrifying attacks. Continue reading

She walks, she leads by Gunjan Jain

She walks, she leads by Gunjan Jain


Author : Gunjan Jain
Version : Hard copy
Genre : Biography, Inspiration

Source : Author

Author website :

Pages : 556




The book She Walks, She Leads is quite an attention grabber.  With its red hardback cover with golden letters,  it is instantly attractive.  To add to that it is also bulky.  I love bulky books. It does look good on the shelf.   Continue reading

Untamed by Laxmi Hariharan

Untamed by Laxmi Hariharan


Author : Laxmi Hariharan
Version : Kindle
Genre : Fantasy, Novella, Series 

Source : Author

Pages : 84





Untamed is a short, quick read with only 84 pages.  It is the story of Leana who belongs to a long trail of family who can trace their roots to Princess Catherine who brought the city of Bombay or Mumbai as we know it now, as her dowry when she married the Prince of England.  So much is fact.  But the rest of the story is pure fantasy.  It is set in the future. Continue reading

The Thorough Check by V T Rakesh

The Thorough Check by V T Rakesh

This is the second book I am reading from Rakesh.  The first being (The Deliverance of Sarpameru).  However, the books were released in reverse order.  While I liked the story in the Sarpameru book,  the writing was not so clean.

But, the debut novel, The Thorough Check, is a far better book.  I was not sure what to expect here.  The blurb said it is about how Indian Muslims are treated in India.  But that is only one aspect of the book.

The hero is a young Muslim undercover police officer, travelling to Gujarat. His cover is to look for a job and learn languages. It is the story of all migrant Keralites who are unable to find a decent job in their own lands and migrate in hordes across the world.  Once upon a time,  they used to come to Mumbai then moved on to Persian Gulf.  US, UK and Australia are high on the current list.  Then comes Gujarat, Bangalore and Chennai. Continue reading

Shamsuddin’s Grave by Paromita Goswami  #BookReview

Shamsuddin’s Grave by Paromita Goswami #BookReview

coverThis book lay on my book shelf for almost a year since I won it at the The Book Club’s Tornado2 event.  Somehow,  the book name gave a very depressing feeling about the contents of the book.  And I felt,  I am not interested in reading about a migrant labourer.

During the A to Z challenge this year,  I got acquainted with Paromita’s blog in which she had documented the life of a 5 year old girl called Messy.  Over the course of the month long challenge,  I completely fell in love with Messy and Paromita’s writing which is crisp, clear and beautiful.  I then decided to read up ‘The Shamsuddin’s Grave. ‘

I am so glad that I read this book.  It has a very different subject than what you normally associate with Indian writers.  It is the story of the migrant labourer Shamsuddin.  But, it is also the story of Snehlata, a widow who lives alone,  Mano who lives alone in Shillong,  Latika, a divorcee and an NGO which runs in one of the poorest sections of society. Continue reading