Teaser Tuesday 06-Mar #TeaserTuesday

Teaser Tuesday 06-Mar #TeaserTuesday

Women have always pulled down other women.  Personally,  never seen men do such things.  The world would have been a much different place if we were more united and supportive of each other.

The lines below are from the book ‘Pyre’ from one of my favourite authors, Perumal Murugan.  The hero, Kumaresan elopes with Saroja and has an inter-caste marriage. A newly married couple full of dreams and love go to live in Kumaresan’s village.  But Kumaresan’s old mother Marayi is not happy about it.  First, it is an inter-caste marriage,  second she is from a city and doesn’t understand village life of farming and third,  there was no dowry.  Marayi feels Saroja is as useless as a pretty picture hanging on a wall.  She is just good to look at.


One of the visiting women gossiped, ‘As soon as he got a wife, he made an enclosure for her to bathe in.  All these days, he had a mother.  She never got a private spot like this.’
‘Can a mother and wife ever be equal?’ retorted another woman.


The book is translated from Tamil (Tamizh) by Aniruddhan Vasudevan.  He had also translated Perumal’s award-winning book Madhurobaagaan into English.  Perumal’s writing is rich with regional accents and simple in its narration but complex in highlighting the nuances of mundane lives.  Have you read his books?

Teaser Tuesday 21-Feb #TeaserTuesday

Here’s an excellent way to show how ruthless a character is.  These words are said by one of the craziest characters in the book known as Mad Dog.  He is a drug dealer. And he is saying these to his best friend who he is “recruiting” into the “business”.  The book is ‘On the Run’ by Izai Amorim.

“It’s not personal.  I like you.  But business is business.  You should know two things.  One, I won’t take a bullet for you.  Two,  I won’t let you fuck up my business.’


10 common questions a reader answers

10 common questions a reader answers

No one.. and I mean no one in my physical world is a reader.  A reader,  the one who has her nose buried in a book all the time instead of a smartphone, whose eyes are fixed on the pages instead of the TV.  Are you one?  Or do you know someone who fits this profile.

My family and friends find it weird that I read.  A lot.  They do not know why I am willing to not go for parties to stay awake and read at night.  Here are the 10 most common queries,  non-readers (please forgive them,  for they know not what they are missing) ask me.

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Me Before You   #TeaserTuesday

Me Before You #TeaserTuesday

This one is my latest favourite romance.  I read the book first and immediately watched the movie.  I loved them both.  Of course, the book was better. This is my favourite scene and it is just apt for this Valentine’s day.

In this story,  the hero, Will Traynor is wheelchair bound.  Lou Clarke is his “babysitter” as he calls her.  She initiates and manipulates to take Will out to watch an opera.   And this happens when they get back home and Lou is about to open the car door to take Will inside.

“Just hold on. Just for a minute. ..
I just…I don’t want to go in just yet. I just want to sit and not have to think about…I just…want to be a man who has been to a concert with a girl in a red dress. Just for a few minutes more…”

Absolutely, romantic.


American is an idea .. #TeaserTuesday

American is an idea .. #TeaserTuesday

For us non-Americans,  America means freedom.  And for women,  it is a rare freedom denied to them in their own homes.  This week,  I am posting lines from the book ‘Kalyana’ by Rajni Mala Khelawan, which captures this very well.  But,  it is a little more than two lines.  This story of Indians settled in the remote Fiji Islands,  tells the story of the women living there.

‘Look at the American women,’ my mother continued. ‘If they hadn’t caused a stir far away, none of us would have a chance.  We would still be burning widows and killing brides at altars.  And we would still be letting men decide on our future.  We wouldn’t even be able to stand in line and vote, Kalyana.’



It just proves that any struggle,  anywhere has a ripple effect and impacts.


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