The Perfect Scene #FlashFridayFic

June and I rushed back home.

‘Hurry up! Before everybody comes back from their walk,’ said June clearing up the verandah.
‘It should look neat and serene. Where’s that wine glass? It will complete the look’

‘What if they enquire about Bobby?’ I asked feeling scared.

‘We tell them, we hadn’t seen her and we thought, she went with them’.

‘Will they be suspicious?’ I asked thinking of the consequences.

‘Not if you behave as I say?’ June warned.

It was evening when the rest of the girls came back from their walk. I took a quick look at our room. Everything was neat and clean. The glass on the window was a master touch. June was reading a book.

Tina picked up a handkerchief from the verandah asking innocently, ‘Isn’t this Bobby’s? Where is she?’

I immediately broke out in a sweat and I blabbered out the whole story.

150 words

This short story was written for Flash Friday Fiction post

Transform #WillYouShave

Karan was sitting in front of the laptop, as usual surfing the net.   With his unruly mop of hair and unkempt beard, he didn’t make a pretty picture.  I just ignored him and went to his sister, Ketki’s room.  Ketki and I were in the same college and we were becoming very good friends.  Karan and Ketki recently shifted into our neighbourhood.  I became friends with Ketki and liked her instantly.  But the brother, a few years older, was a different matter.  He would be in the house the whole day.  Whenever I went to meet Ketki, he would open the door and will ask a few pleasantries.  Out of politeness, I talked to him.  But frankly,  he had a very unkempt appearance.

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Winter of the Heart #FridayFictioneers


She caught  Sanjay staring at her across the room full of people.   Embarrassed,  she walked to the cold balcony.  Even after two decades,  she still felt that he had not forgotten her.

She had refused to marry Sanjay and had instead married a rich businessman her father approved of.  But the marriage was a huge mistake.  It was as cold as this snowy winter.

‘Running away again?’  she started at hearing Sanjay speak so near to her.   She turned around and he saw tears in her beautiful eyes.

‘If only, I could understand your love then…’, she said bursting into tears.


100 words.

This short story I had written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.


College Library #FridayFictioneers


Ravi saw most of the students in the library were studying for the approaching final exams with serious expressions on their faces.  Some were dozing off incapable of taking the serious stuff anymore.  There was pin-drop silence maintained by the solitary librarian.

Ravi took out a coin from his pocket, and flicked it on the table.  It went  thud-thud-thud-thud.  In the cavernous high-ceiling library, it echoed off the walls.

The sound woke up the sleeping beauties.  The students went into peals of laughter looking for the source.    The angry librarian made a big ‘SSSHHHHHHH…SILENCE’.  Ravi quietly slipped from the library.

100 words.

Written for the Rochelle Weisoff Fields’ Friday Fictioneers

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