College Library #FridayFictioneers


Ravi saw most of the students in the library were studying for the approaching final exams with serious expressions on their faces.  Some were dozing off incapable of taking the serious stuff anymore.  There was pin-drop silence maintained by the solitary librarian.

Ravi took out a coin from his pocket, and flicked it on the table.  It went  thud-thud-thud-thud.  In the cavernous high-ceiling library, it echoed off the walls.

The sound woke up the sleeping beauties.  The students went into peals of laughter looking for the source.    The angry librarian made a big ‘SSSHHHHHHH…SILENCE’.  Ravi quietly slipped from the library.

100 words.

Written for the Rochelle Weisoff Fields’ Friday Fictioneers

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Tomorrow is new Day!

Here I am all lost in the beauty of the ocean with this silly red umbrella

Watching the ocean for the first time is so overwhelming

It’s so beautiful beyond imagination,  filling up my senses

The water against my skin, the salty taste in my mouth

Hair wet and plastered, the rush of the waves

These new sounds are so peaceful. 

It looks better than the movies I have seen in my life

Finally, I am away from everything familiar in my life

Hope it will be better than all I left behind

The friends, the family, the debts, the responsibilities

The playgrounds,  the home,

The despair, the depression, the hopelessness,

As I come of age today ,  ‘Tomorrow is a new day!’   

Image courtesy: photo by Tony

Love’s labour lost


Ananya loved Mitul.

She was willing to sacrifice all to be Mitul’s wife.

But Mitul was under family obligations.  He loved Ananya and said couldn’t marry her as he had to fulfill his parents’ wishes.  Since,  someone in his family had a love marriage, he had promised his parents that he will only have an arranged marriage as is the norm in India.  It sounded too silly to her.

‘But, then you had no right to love me.’,  she argued.  But Mitul was stubborn and felt he had to keep his family happy.

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Love Rescued! #FlashFridayFic

‘The ball is to the left Kathy’ screamed Tim from the shore as Kathy walked deeper into the ocean.

She was searching for the ball which they were playing with at the beach.  But, she was not able to see properly in the glare of the sun, the high waves lashing against her.  The silly umbrella she was holding was making her off-balance.  She was a good swimmer, but it’s a high tide and she was slipping when walking on the sand.  She gave up on the stupid ball and was about to turn back, when she felt it.  She felt her feet off the ground and herself being sucked into the ocean with such force.

She cried for help.  But on this private beach, there was nobody else.  And she saw Tim running towards her jumping right into the ocean.  He was futilely trying to reach her.  At that moment, she forgave him as she knew he loved her.

160 words.

This flash story written for Flash!Friday Vol2-51


Going to School #BlogToFeedAChild


‘I hate school, Mummy.  I don’t want to go today’, declared Aarav sitting on the low stool and putting on his school shoes.

‘Why Aarav? ‘ asked mummy.

‘The teacher makes me study so much, it is so boring’,  said Aarav, ‘What is the use of studying Maths or Geography or English..and then History. All so boring’.

Mummy smilingly looked at Aarav and said.  ‘’Ok dear, let me tell you a story of a little boy named Anand.   Like you, he is also  9 years old. He is very poor and he never goes to school’.

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