Break free   #FridayFotoFiction

Break free #FridayFotoFiction

‘A little birdie told me you are not happy with the groom.  But why lock us in here?’ Neha said to her sister.  Disha looked away quickly and nodded.

‘The wedding is tomorrow.  It is too late.  Mom and Dad will never agree,’  Neha continued.

Disha nodded with tears streaming silently.

‘They know but they … .’

Neha hugged her.

On the wedding night,   the groom was shocked when he lifted his bride’s veil and his eyes met the scared Neha’s.

‘Let me explain,’ said Neha and told him the story.

Everything happens for a reason,  he thought and smiled.

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Walk of faith  #FridayFictioneers

Walk of faith #FridayFictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The screams made me open my eyes.  I was still standing at the start of the corridor.  It was quiet. I couldn’t see the end.  But I had to get there with my eyes closed.  Ma said I will hear strange voices.  Crying, screaming, insulting, begging for help.  Ignore, she had said.  They are just wretched souls yearning for release from earth.  Sounds simple.  I close my eyes again. The screams are louder now.  I start walking to reach the end.  But I can feel someone walking behind me trying to touch me. I shrug it off and run.

This story is written for FridayFictioneers hosted by Rochelle.  Read more stories on this prompt here.
Autumn Memories      #FridayFotoFiction

Autumn Memories #FridayFotoFiction

Nani refused to leave the bench.  It was dark and Renu was getting worried.  Renu had never had problems tending to Nani in the past year as her nurse.  She took Nani out on her wheelchair everyday.  It was the first time they had come to this park.  Nani had insisted on sitting on the bench.  An unusual request,  but Renu obliged.

‘Come Nani.  Bhaiyya will scold me if we are late,’ she said.

Nani giggled.

‘Bhaiyya would scold me too.  But Ajit will not let me go home without his kiss.  Lets wait a bit.  He’s late,’ said Nani.

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Broken  #FridayFotoFiction

Broken #FridayFotoFiction


‘Sitting alone?  Isn’t it your big day?’ he asked.

‘Just feeling a bit dizzy,’ she said without looking up.  She knew he would follow her.

‘Why can’t we get married?’ she asked through her tears.

‘You know, we can’t,’  he said,  his mouth set grim hearing her ask this the umpteenth time.

‘B..but it doesn’t matter.  So what if you don’t have a job.  You can work for Papa. and.. and you can help him run the business.  It doesn’t matter.’

‘It does.  To me.  Life is not as simple and rosy. You will hate me then,’ he said quietly.


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DeScooterization  #shortstory

DeScooterization #shortstory

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned below including the place, people, names are fictitious.  Do not hold me responsible,  if anything happens because of my story.


In the past,  nothing had affected the people of Kendrallur more than the two announcements made by its government.  The first one had unfolded in the manner given below.

Ragini stared stunned at the TV which was showing as usual ‘Breaking News’ on the loop.  It said,  “After successful implementation of #Demonetization,  it is now #DeScooterization.”

After enduring the effects of demonetization, Ragini was in no mood to do anything like Descooterization.

‘Rohit,  come here.  See what they are showing on TV.  DeScooterization.  What is this?’  she called out to her husband.

Rohit put away his newspaper and stared at the TV.  The TV presenter was hyperventilating and explaining DeScooterization.

‘From tonight 12am,  no 2 wheeler will be allowed on the roads.  People found riding two-wheelers will be penalized and can be kept in jail for 2 days.  Among, two wheelers,  only the Bicycle is allowed.  So, people,  if you are owning a ‘motorized’ two wheeler like the Scooter or motor bikes,  you cannot ride it any longer.  You have to ride a bicycle.  Please note that helmets are compulsory for all bicycle riders.’

The TV presenter halted some people riding motor bikes on the road and thrust the mike under their helmet faces.

‘What do you think, sir?’

‘About what?’ the helmet man asked.

‘Descooterization.’  She then went on to explain the whole thing.

‘But, why?’

‘To control pollution and improve the air quality for the citizens of India,  for our children and future generations,’ she explained.

‘But my bike has passed all pollution controls.  I have the PUC certificate too,’  helmet man persisted.

‘But, the rule has changed.  And you cannot ride this bike any longer,’ she continued.

The man left in a huff.

‘There will always be someone who will disagree.  But, soon they will realize,  that it is for the greater good.  A soldier is taught to adapt to the requirement.  They learn to drive all modes of transport,’  the TV presenter reasoned enthusiastically. Continue reading