In the name of honour #MFtS

Where did they go?”

Who?” asked Rana.  He was sitting near the wall.

A man and a woman.  Their footprints point to this direction.”

I have been here all the time. I didn’t see anyone coming.”

The men grouped together to discuss.  They set out in four different directions in groups of 2 and 3.  One group crossed the wall.

The man who had asked earlier had stayed back.  Continue reading

The Kanjeevaram Sari

Neeta stared at her large wardrobe which covered the entire wall on one side of the room opposite the large windows. An eclectic saree collection, matching blouses, hair accessories, bangles of various hues and matching slippers. She remembered each of the purchases. Some of them had too many memories, some were for anniversaries.
She took her time to decide. She still had four hours to get ready. She finally chose the kanjeevaram sari. It was bottle green with a beautiful maroon border embellished with gold embroidery. Continue reading

Of Potions and Love #FridayFictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © G.L. MacMillan.

Nayan wiped the sweat off his brow for the fifth time, but he was still feeling hot.  It had nothing to do with the weather which was rather pleasant.  His friend had said, the potion worked.  Nayan should get Roja to consume it.  And then, she will look at nobody but Nayan.  The thought made him bolder.

The shopkeeper was watching Nayan.  He came near him and asked in a whisper, ‘Don’t be afraid, sir.  Do you want the love potion?’

Nayan replied in a whisper, ‘Yes’.

‘Perpetual love or Immediate love?’

‘Immediate,’  Nayan grinned.

‘That will be 1000 Rupees extra.’

This 100 word short story is written for Friday Fictioneers.  Catch up on more stories here.