Winter of the Heart #FridayFictioneers


She caught  Sanjay staring at her across the room full of people.   Embarrassed,  she walked to the cold balcony.  Even after two decades,  she still felt that he had not forgotten her.

She had refused to marry Sanjay and had instead married a rich businessman her father approved of.  But the marriage was a huge mistake.  It was as cold as this snowy winter.

‘Running away again?’  she started at hearing Sanjay speak so near to her.   She turned around and he saw tears in her beautiful eyes.

‘If only, I could understand your love then…’, she said bursting into tears.


100 words.

This short story I had written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.


College Library #FridayFictioneers


Ravi saw most of the students in the library were studying for the approaching final exams with serious expressions on their faces.  Some were dozing off incapable of taking the serious stuff anymore.  There was pin-drop silence maintained by the solitary librarian.

Ravi took out a coin from his pocket, and flicked it on the table.  It went  thud-thud-thud-thud.  In the cavernous high-ceiling library, it echoed off the walls.

The sound woke up the sleeping beauties.  The students went into peals of laughter looking for the source.    The angry librarian made a big ‘SSSHHHHHHH…SILENCE’.  Ravi quietly slipped from the library.

100 words.

Written for the Rochelle Weisoff Fields’ Friday Fictioneers

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The race of life

silhouetted-figure-and-tree-1008861How long before I put my head to a soft pillow and sleep? How many more years before, I get a complete, undisturbed long sleep?

I started working at age 13 after I lost my family to war. I am 63 now. What has changed? What did I achieve?

I have been working hard to make ends meet. At 13, it was survival from one day to the other. At 63, it is survival one week to the other. That is all that has changed. No family, no friends. Achievements include getting off the road into a ‘sleeping bed’ which I call home. ‘Sleeping bed’ is the bed I have rented that I can use for 6 hours till the next occupant of the bed comes in.

There is no more strength in my body, no will in my soul to achieve anything to win this greatest endurance race of life. I am looking up to the almighty for solace.

(160 words)


This post is part of Friday Flash Fiction of 140-160 words.

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