If we were having coffee…  July 14, 2018

If we were having coffee… July 14, 2018

If we were having coffee,  I would tell you to come over to my new home.  We will enjoy a cuppa and catch up on some gossip.  That was my plan,  but this week has been too dramatic for me.  It did start off well.  It had been raining heavily since last week due to which I kept postponing my grocery shopping till I reached Saturday and there was nothing left in the house.  Braving the heavy crowd which is typical at our Supermarket,  I replenished my grocery.  As I came home,  I realised I needed to get the wheat flour.  Since, I have shifted to a new area,  I struggled to get my shopping perfect.  But as luck would have it,  it was smoother than I imagined.

On Sunday,  we stayed indoors as it was raining heavily.  Meanwhile, we watched the rescue of the Thai children stuck in a cave.  I was amazed with the systematic way,  the divers and their teams went about doing what is meant to be done.  And the result is that the children were saved along with their coach. Continue reading

My experiments with riding a two-wheeler

My experiments with riding a two-wheeler

The husband lunged from above me to hold the handle and applied brake to the scooter.  He was just in time else I would have hit another two-wheeler.  There were equally angry honks from behind me.  But I looked into the scooty mirror to check that my hair is in place.   I smiled at the other drivers who looked menacingly at me and the husband.

It was the 23rd day of my scooty training by the husband.  As someone who hates to step out of the house in the evenings after work,  he had shown remarkable patience.  He was trying to teach me to ride a scooty.  Sounds simple,  but it was far from it.  I was in my late thirties,  mildly over-weight (that’s what the BMI checking folks said) and never learnt to ride even a bicycle.  My only tryst with driving was when I rode my tricycle with my two year old sister inside the one room kitchen apartment of my parents.  And here I was trying to ride the scooty with no concept or idea of any kind of driving.  In short,  I was driving my husband nuts.  I did not know when to accelerate, or when to slow down,  when to brake or how to handle the numerous bumpers on the Indian road.  To top it,  I was not even riding in a straight line, I hated honking, and forgot to put the indicators.  Or when my husband screamed, I would take my eyes off the road to look down at the handle bar for the switches.  After the 23rd day,  he finally gave up saying he has no patience anymore to teach me.  Even a cow would have learnt to ride a scooty by now.  It led to a big, lets say disagreement, fueling my desire to learn to ride. Continue reading

The times we live   #MondayMusings

The times we live #MondayMusings

Two days back one of my friends visited me after a long gap accompanied by her 3 year old girl.  The three year old immediately started exploring my house and jumping and running around.  Finally, she got tired and jumped onto a chair and tucked her feet on the edge of the chair.  I heard my friend admonishing her and saying ‘chaddi dikhayechhe, tu seedhi baith’ means ‘Your underwear is showing, sit straight’.  It was a bit of a shock for me as I do not have girls and I do not really worry about such things.  But, then I realised that the times we now live in,  every bit of cautiousness is needed.  Making a three year old understand that someone will look at you with as a sex object is horrifying.  Continue reading

Is Bollywood mainstream anymore?   #MondayMusings

Is Bollywood mainstream anymore? #MondayMusings

In writing of Indian culture, I am highly conscious of my own subjectivity; arguably, there is more than one Indian culture, and certainly more than one view of Indian culture. – Shashi Tharoor

You must be really not existing if you haven’t seen the drama and release of the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.  Admittedly,  800+ crores ride on his movies and television performances.  But,  tell me how much substance is there in his movies?  It is surely a package deal with some comic scenes,  few great songs,  some fight scenes and that is it.  It is something which will give value for money for the mass viewers.  But,  scratch a bit of the surface and see if it is a movie that creates any impact in your thinking, society,  or great acting?  Sorry. His movies have only one motive – to entertain.  With the Khans and the Kumars getting out atleast a movie a year,  it seems like we are watching the same old stuff everyday.  Akshay Kumar seems have taken over the role of a conscientious citizen a la Manoj Kumar (Padman, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, Airlift),  Aamir Khan brings out some unknown but serious aspect (Taare Zameen Par, Dhoom,  Secret Superstar),  Salman with his scriptless, storyless and directionless movies and Shah Rukh has overdosed on romance.  But every time he tries something geniune,  the viewers reject him (like Ashoka, Ra One).  Both these are good movies though.   Continue reading

A Guest Post by Carthick, Unfairy Tales

A Guest Post by Carthick, Unfairy Tales

All of us have grown up reading fairy tales and for those who were around in the 80s,  there used to be a one hour show called ‘Fairy Tale Theater’ which brought to life the stories.  And so,  I wanted to know how the author Carthick,  wrote these stories again with a different perspective.

Thank you Carthick for this post and wish you all the best.

Why did you decide to rewrite fairy tales?

I am sure some of you would have seen this anecdote.

Author wrote “The curtains were blue”

What the literature teacher says, “The curtains represent his immense depression and his lack of will to carry on”

What did the author really mean? “That the curtains were fucking blue.”

This anecdote is often narrated to indicate how people tend to over analyze and complicate things. But I see it differently. Authors are just being themselves when they write. At least the genuinely good ones but their words have this kind of effect on the reader. If the author had deliberately painted the curtains blue and mentioned it to project the mood of the character, it would seem so artificial, manipulative and insincere. Instead the authors imagine themselves to be in the situation and try to describe what they see, hear, feel. The immense depression and the character’s lack of will to carry on magically conjures up the blue curtain which the author is compelled to describe as part of the dark dreary imagery which he is painting. Such is the case with me. Continue reading