Roaring laughter

There is a reason why we say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.  When you laugh,  feel good hormones are released which improves on your health, makes you immune and reduces the stress factors. And not to forget it makes you look good and younger.

Having said that its good to look for humour in daily life and not to take life or yourself very seriously. Sometimes you feel that you are in the worst situations in life.  And wonder how will you ever get over it or can life get any worse!

But, life will pass and looking back, they look oddly funny now.  

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Practical time saving tips for working woman

A working woman in Mumbai as in any metropolitan city, has to deal with a lot.  She has to be a ‘smart’ working woman as she has to work hard and enjoy life even harder.   She looks after the family – home, husband, kids, in-laws, parents.  She maybe working a regular job and add to that the average travel time of 3 hours,  but she has to ensure that the home runs smoothly.   That means, the kids and husband are able to leave for school and office on time,  your one daily routine and the smooth machinery of running the home is in place.   It’s not as easy as it sounds and there is a lot of planning, foresight and effort put in place by the lady to ensure that all of it works smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

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Women can’t have it all!

stock-vector-mother-works-at-home-147758078 (Edited Version)

In this recent interview given by Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi, the responses from the CEO seem all too familiar and closer to home. The Indian woman maybe a high flyer in her workplace where she must be already working hard to prove herself, but at home, you are really nobody. All your airs and titles should be outside the home. The home will identify you as wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law only. Unless, you have a partner who will understand you and your aspirations, maintaining a career will be tough.

Here, the Indian woman has to be completely dependent on her family members and a host of household help. When the children are young, one has to depend on so many external factors before stepping out for office – hope the family member is not sick, the cook will come, the caretaker will come, the children are not ill – and then only leave for office. Between me and my husband, we used to look up our daily priorities and based on that decide on who will stay at home in case any emergency arises. Continue reading

It’s raining in Mumbai

After being delayed for a month,  it finally rained today in Mumbai.   Its a big relief and the whole city is happy welcoming the rain,  relieved from oppressive heat.    Mumbai receives monsoon for 4 months only during a year (June to September).  And this rain is required to sustain the city throughout the year.  It also helps to bring down the heat which continues over from the month of May.  Mumbai being a humid city, the heat and sweat is unbearable.

So,  as soon as it rains,  there are very typical things which a Mumbaikar does .. which will qualify you as a Mumbaikar

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