Love? Yes

images (3)The quickening of the heartbeat

sometimes a missed heartbeat

sometimes a thunderous heartbeat

the weakening of the knees

the urgent need to hold onto something as you feel dazed

the rush of heightened emotions

happiness, sadness, melancholy, apprehension, fear

some music ringing in your ears

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Religion of mankind

Inter – Religion marriage still taboo among Indians ? What is your take on it . #indiblogger

More than differences in religions, caste, class, state, education, complexion et al,  it is more important to look at the mental compatibility of the individuals getting married.  I know many couples among my family and friends who have had an inter-caste marriage and are leading a happy and normal lives.  Thankfully,  I have seen that neither of the individuals have converted to the spouse’s religions.  Some of them are having grown up children who are also married now.  I feel, in an inter-caste, or for that matter any marriage in which the individuals are coming from a different strata of society,  immediate family support is very important as in parents and siblings.  Rest is up to the individuals to work it out.

On the contrary,  I also have many arranged marriages with matched horoscopes fizzling out in a few years.

Inter-religious marriages are becoming common in my home state Kerala and in Mumbai where I live.  Society are becoming more accepting of them.  One reason I feel is because in Kerala and in a metro like Mumbai,  people are more individualistic and are not really dependent on societies to accept them.

It will also be the same way in the future with hopefully religions blending in and we will have a more tolerant society.  Change should be from within oneself.


Mom & Son : Perspective

Mom & Son : Perspective

The son thinks Mom is the best
no one loves mom more than him
his world revolves around the mom
following mom wherever she goes
talking to mom the whole day

     It’s the same with Mom,
     he is her complete world
     reason for her existence
     the one who called her ‘mom’ first
     who taught mom a whole lot of experiences
     which she was more than happy to experience

Where is the son now.
where is the loving mom now
there is no longer childish pratter
the toys are neatly in place
no more mom and son going out together

Oh! the son is a teenager now

   He thinks mom is just a nag
   mom is so ancient
   mom doesn’t understand him
   mom doesn’t know what he wants
   mom is so uncool to be with

Mom thinks the son is still a baby
son needs to be looked after, cared for
mom is trying to understand the changes
not realising the son has grown
son is more independent

   Give the son his space mom
   Let him grow up
   let him understand his own life
   let him fall down and get up
   let him make his own choices

Soon, he will be a grown up man
and will be a mirror image of YOU!

An old photograph


Recently,  I came across an old photograph of mine with my brother, sister and uncle (mom’s brother).  It’s colors had faded.  I was nice and thin wearing a fiery red salwar kameez,  my sister in a green frock,  my brother wearing a short dark pant and checkered shirt looking very boyish with thick wavy hair on his head.  My uncle, a young man in his early twenties, looking dashing in his shirt and printed lungi.  The four of us are sitting near a lagoon (the famous Kerala backwaters), which is just about 100 meters away from my house. The ground is very green with grass,  the backdrop is of thick, old, gnarled trees and coconut trees.  My uncle, being only a few years older to me, was more like a cousin, than uncle.  We are all looking at the camera and appear to be smiling at some joke. Memories came back of an era and a way of life gone by.

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Back to Life after Work

Lately,  I have been working from home.  Many people think it is the ideal way of working as you get the benefits of working as well as staying at home.  I agree with them, to a certain extent, but it also comes up with another side-effect.  The absolute blurring of work-life balance.  There is no clear cut distinction between your work space and home space, work time and home time.  Here, we may be attending an important meeting and immediately after that the kids will come back from school and they need our immediate attention.

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