It’s raining in Mumbai

After being delayed for a month,  it finally rained today in Mumbai.   Its a big relief and the whole city is happy welcoming the rain,  relieved from oppressive heat.    Mumbai receives monsoon for 4 months only during a year (June to September).  And this rain is required to sustain the city throughout the year.  It also helps to bring down the heat which continues over from the month of May.  Mumbai being a humid city, the heat and sweat is unbearable.

So,  as soon as it rains,  there are very typical things which a Mumbaikar does .. which will qualify you as a Mumbaikar

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A Day in my life..

A Day In my Life..

Day Starts –

Trrrinngg goes the Alarm,  Wake myself,  wake kids

Get kids ready and send to school

Wake up husband .. tea, breakfast, send him to work

I start my work from home.. phone calls, notes, prepare excels, prepare presentations, tea, coffee

Lunch Time –

Kids back from school,  have lunch

Kids go for extra classes

I continue my work from home, phone calls, notes, prepare excels, prepare presentations, tea, coffee

Evening –

Kids are back and go to play

I go for a walk and shopping

Some more work from home


Have Dinner,  prepare for next day (all Mumbaikars do that)

Go to sleep!

Life is simple!! this is the template for the day.  But its full of life with the kids, their jokes, tweeting, chatting, phoning, reading,  blogging and time with husband.   Tres contente!

Rare Medium

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Vacation trips

I had been to the railway station recently to see off some of my relatives.  Since its school vacation time, I saw a lot of children at the station for catching the train to go off to their roots.  they were just not excited about the trip.  all they could probably think of would be the harrowing time they have to spend meeting strangers who are closely related to us.

It brought back lot of memories of the time I used to go to my native place in Kerala from Mumbai.  Me, my parents, my brother and sister.  It was such an exciting time.. we used to look forward to the trip for some 3 months or so since we book the tickets.  Unlike today, in those days, we used to undertake a 3 day journey from Mumbai to Kerala.  For the three days or 48 hours we spent on the train, life would be completely changed like the landscape outside.. we used to pass the smoke emitting factories, chawls, gutters of Mumbai.  This would soon change in the next 2 hours wherein we used to reach Lonavala and Pune.. beautiful landscape and waterfalls.  not to forget the monkeys at the station.  the second day in the train is longer wherein we used to pass the barren and rock filled and completely dry landscape in Andhra Pradesh.  By late evening of the 2nd day.. we used to enter Tamil Nadu briefly and then touch Kerala.  Kerala on the third day is a dramatic change. All that nature, green fields,  lush trees.. and whole lot of people, houses we used to pass.  Such a lovely sight.  And all the anticipations of reaching my home with the number of aunts, uncles and cousins and second cousins.. 2 great grandparents.. Wow.. it was so exciting.  Spend whole of 2 months getting in touch with your roots and deepening and strengthening the bonds further.

Fast forward to today’s young generation.. they get to spend at the most 2 weeks of their lives in their hometown.. in today’s times of nuclear families and faraway jobs, there is no chance of meeting the extended family in the short two weeks.  the roots are not deepened. the bond is not there.. If today’s young generation is not deep-rooted, will the next generation be just flying over the places.. wonder what will happen.. and all this in a short period of about 35 years! Incredible!