This blog, www.kaapitimes.com, is a personal blog.  I am not working for any of the product companies I write about or advertise on this website.

This blog contains my personal ramblings and books related stuff.  Sometimes,  I also write sponsored posts.  But,  the reader will be informed about the same.

I review books sent by publishers, authors or websites.  I will mention the source of the books.  However,  the reviews will be honest.  I will not be rating the reviews.  I may not like a certain book because I am not familiar with the genre.  But,  that does not really mean the book is bad.  For ratings,  you can always visit the popular sites.

Through my opinions on the blog,  I do not intend to hurt anybody’s personal or religious sentiments.

The expectation from you, the reader, is to be polite in your comments and with other readers of the blog.  If you are unable to follow this,  I will have to block the offending comments and reader.

Privacy Policy Update : May 2018

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Lata Sunil

3rd October, 2015