Love found, again #TalesOf2015

Year 2015 is the year I found love again.  I had forgotten the thrill of falling in love, the excitement of seeing your loved one.  I had fallen in love with my husband about 17 years ago.  Life cleared out the pink glasses, roughened out the smooth edges of romance.   The dust settled as we got onto the roles of husband, wife and then mother, father.  Not to mention the myriad of roles as uncle & aunty,  brother and sister.   And, after 17 years,  love was just an emotion that had happened long ago.

That is when life surprised us.  It threw us into a health crisis,  testing the limits of our relationship.  Let me tell you,  my husband is one of the unromantic ones.  So,  there would be no surprise presents and candle-light dinners.  I had the presents and the dinners, of course.  But,  it did not have the romantic tone to it.

Towards, the end of 2015,  it was diagnosed that I need to go through 2 surgeries.  With both of us working,  and two sons,  the diagnosis had a major impact in our life.  We had to plan,  even micro-plan every action,  we needed to do to reach our goal of successive surgery and post-surgery care. Continue reading

Getting ready for festivals #Paintfinder

With the festive season rushing towards us,  we are thinking of overhauling some furniture and getting a fresh coat of paint.  We were completely bored with the current shades in the house.  Its blue now.  I like the color.  But,  we wanted to explore something new,  but not really sure of the outcome,  or even the costs.

We were directed to the Bed Bath and More website.  The website offers a whole lot of design and color ideas.  I have seen similar stuff on international websites.  But,  wanted a more Indian outlook.   Alas! I am not sure, what I want.   Typical Libran.

Here I am,  using the ‘Smart Tool’ for ‘Paints’.   Here, first I had to choose a room.

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#SachchiAdvice from my best friend

road-sign-63983_640It was January 2000.  I had just returned to my job after maternity leave.  Though life was a complete overhaul for me,  I was not prepared for the changes at my workplace.  The management had changed.  My IT Manager had changed.  Our company was planning to go online and also implement the SAP Software.

I was part of the IT department which comprised of 4 people and a manager.  We were supporting the infrastructure and applications for the entire company.  On the day I resumed,  my new manager,  called me for a meeting.  He updated me on the high level changes happening in our company.  As a result,  my existing programming skills were really useless.  He asked me to choose between Web designing,  CAD and SAP ABAP.  The rest of the meeting was a blur as I thought of being jobless. Continue reading

Transform #WillYouShave

Karan was sitting in front of the laptop, as usual surfing the net.   With his unruly mop of hair and unkempt beard, he didn’t make a pretty picture.  I just ignored him and went to his sister, Ketki’s room.  Ketki and I were in the same college and we were becoming very good friends.  Karan and Ketki recently shifted into our neighbourhood.  I became friends with Ketki and liked her instantly.  But the brother, a few years older, was a different matter.  He would be in the house the whole day.  Whenever I went to meet Ketki, he would open the door and will ask a few pleasantries.  Out of politeness, I talked to him.  But frankly,  he had a very unkempt appearance.

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