If we were having coffee  ..15 October

If we were having coffee ..15 October

if-we-were-having-coffee-2Hello everyone!  This time I am back sooner.  Its the bright sunshine, I tell you.  Well I was not a fan of the sunshine as we get it abundantly in India.  But, a short stint under the grey, wet, cold skies of London and I fell in love with the sun.

The last week with the Navratri holiday on Tuesday was more hectic than usual, so much so that I now hate holidays happening in the middle of the week.  It just piles on the work.  It completely threw off my reading and writing schedules.  I have to review two books – Untamed by Laxmi Hariharan and She Leads, She walks by Gunjan Jain.  Both books are out of my comfort zone,  one is fantasy and the other is non-fiction.  Reviews will be coming up next week.   Continue reading