The week that was   #MondayMusings

The week that was #MondayMusings

So,  did you see Padmaavat?  No?  Did you read the open letter written by Swara Bhaskar to the director?  No?  Do you watch news? No? That explains it.  The movie has been in the news since the shooting started,  piquing our interest and sustaining it for so many months.  That is rather unusual for any of the recent movies.  The unprecedented coverage given by the news channels to this movie which was all of course,  free of cost,  has definitely had the people flocking to the theaters in hordes.  Frankly,  there is not much in the movie.  It is just that the Queen Padmavati commits suicide because her husband has died and she does not want to be captured by the victors.  Continue reading

Interview with Author Radhika Swarup

Interview with Author Radhika Swarup

Radhika Swarup

Radhika Swarup is a full time writer and commentator on feminist and Indian issues. She lives in London, and her work has appeared in Indian broadsheets and British literary journals. Her debut novel Where the River Parts, which follows the lives of a couple caught up in the India-Pakistan Partition, was published in February 2016.  It has now been published in India by Rupa Publications. I was lucky to read the book via NetGalley. It is a beautiful story of love and the book is an excellent read. Read the spoiler-free review on the blog.

Check out her website : and follow her on Twitter : @rdswarup

Here is a short Q&A with the author.


Tell us about your book ‘Where the River Parts’. 

Where the River Parts follows a Hindu-Muslim couple caught up in the traumatic Partition of India and Pakistan.  They are separated during the process, and don’t see each other for the next fifty years.  It is only half a century later, as both India and Pakistan are testing their nuclear weapons, that the two meet again in New York and face an impossible choice.  Where the River Parts straddles half a century and three countries, and has been described as a timeless tale of love, loss and longing.

At its heart, this is a love story.  What did you set out to tell readers when you started writing? 

Where the River Parts speaks of the distances that grow between us, reflected physically in Asha and Firoze’s separation, but also in the schism that grew between India and Pakistan.  So while the novel follows the love and loss experienced by its protagonists, it also follows the same emotions experienced by millions across both sides of the geographical border as once co-existing communities are torn apart and taught a hate-filled Continue reading

On the Run by Izai Amorim #BookReview

On the Run cover90218-medium

Author : Izai Amorim
Release date : September, 2016
Version : Kindle
Genre : Literary fiction, Humour

Pages: 326
Source :

Have you ever had a nightmare where you are running for your life and there is a group of people,  who are chasing you?  And you don’t know why you are running and who is chasing you.  All you know is that you have to keep being a step ahead and always running trying to get faster and faster.  It is a scary situation and you don’t know why.   The protagonist of the novel ‘On the Run’ is living this nightmare.

The super rich 25 year old, Pablo is drifting through the good life.  He will always have everything going great for him till the end of his life and the next few generations.

But one day,  he is stuck in crossfire between Mexican and Columbian drug dealers.  He discovers from the Mexicans that his identity has been stolen and someone else has been committing crimes and being a drug lord in his name.  And to further implicate him,  there is a dealing which happens in his own apartment.  The Mexicans shoot the Colombians and leave Pablo’s finger prints all over the place.  He has no way to escape.  But he does escape and finds himself in another of the mindless shootings in the US which has been happening recently with sickening frequency.  He escapes again.  He knows he is in deep sh*t now.  He is being trailed by Colombians who want revenge and also the FBI, Continue reading

Kalyana by Rajni Mala Khelawan

cover85231-mediumAuthor : Rajni Mala Khelawan
Publisher : Second Story Press
Release date : 2016
Version : Kindle
Genre : Women’s Literary fiction
Source :

It’s a fact that Indians are spread across the globe.   Thanks to the British who loved to send Indians to work as slaves across the various regions which they had annexed over centuries.  Though this information was there in the periphery of my knowledge,  I never gave it a second thought.  Who would when we have not even heard about it in our history books?  But,  it is these very Indians who are living across Sri Lanka,  Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Kenya, a whole lot of countries and of course Fiji.

I had asked to review this book thinking it is an Indian author easily recognisable with the name and the book cover.  I was surprised to know it is from Fiji.  And the author has taken us to a brief history of Indians living in Fiji in one of the most beautiful stories.   Continue reading

D is for Daily Soaps #AtoZChallenge

D‘What’s the matter, Sameer?  You are looking a bit down,’ said Dia as she sat down beside him and took his hand,  drawing imaginary patterns on his wrist.  Sameer looked up forlornly and said, ‘It’s nothing.’

‘Sameer, I can see something is bothering you.  Tell me,’ she persisted.

‘Its ok.  You watch the soap daily and you need to know what is going to happen next,’  said Sameer.

Dia now understood what could be the possible issue.  She could now make sense of the earlier behavior patterns,  the extra care,  helping in the chores, letting her win the arguments,  getting her favorite ice-cream.  She straightened up. Continue reading