Disobedience  #writebravely

Disobedience #writebravely

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The phone rang with Niti’s smiling face displayed.  Shruti picked up the phone immediately.

‘Didi,’  she said and started sobbing.

‘Shruti, what is it?  What happened?’ asked Niti full of concern thinking of all weird things that could have gone wrong.

‘It’s its N.. Neil..  He is leaving me .. for someone else …I was never good for him.  And now he d..doesn’t even look a…at m..mee.  I should have listened to Mamma and Papa.  I am being punished for my own a..actions.  F..First the b..baby.  Now this.  My life is finished,’  she sobbed through the phone.

‘Wait… don’t cry.  I am coming over,’  Niti said and hung the phone before Shruti could say no.

Shruti wiped her tears.  She looked around the house which looked like a mess.  Plants withered, dusty shelves, cobwebs.  In a half eaten plate at the table,  she saw ants making a straight line across the table to their secret hiding place.  She did not care but with Didi coming over,  she knew she will get an earful for the unkempt house.

She wanted to get up,  put things in order.  But her body disobeyed.  She will do it before she arrives anyway.

‘Why bother when life is itself a mess,’ she thought.  She pulled the covers over her head and fell into a dreamless sleep.

The insistent doorbell woke up Shruti.   She ignored it many times.  But,  this one rang non-stop.

She got up from the bed,  staggered in the darkened living room and opened the door.  It was Niti.  She barged into the flat.

‘What is all this,  Shruti?’  Niti pulled open the curtains and bright sunlight poured into the room.

Shruti stared back at Niti through sleepy eyes.  She felt the tears brimming up trying to escape.  She walked upto Niti and hugged her.  The sobs were uncontrollable.   She repeated their phone call conversation.  Seeing her little sister cry was distressing for Niti as she cried with her.

Niti went into the kitchen to make tea.  Tea always helped after a good sob.  As they sat on the now cleared couch to sip their tea,  Shruti started to tell about Neil.

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Patterns #WriteBravely #MondayMusings

Patterns #WriteBravely #MondayMusings

Shruti watched as Neil went about his morning routines.  She would have been there helping him,  but the headache kept her in the bed.

Neil was a creature of habit bordering on OCD.  Before taking his bath,  he had laid out his clothes on the bed in reverse sequence of what he needed first.  He selected a tie to go with his clothes and kept it on the dressing table to be worn last.  Today it was a striped pattern with small red boxes on it. Continue reading

DeScooterization  #shortstory

DeScooterization #shortstory

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned below including the place, people, names are fictitious.  Do not hold me responsible,  if anything happens because of my story.


In the past,  nothing had affected the people of Kendrallur more than the two announcements made by its government.  The first one had unfolded in the manner given below.

Ragini stared stunned at the TV which was showing as usual ‘Breaking News’ on the loop.  It said,  “After successful implementation of #Demonetization,  it is now #DeScooterization.”

After enduring the effects of demonetization, Ragini was in no mood to do anything like Descooterization.

‘Rohit,  come here.  See what they are showing on TV.  DeScooterization.  What is this?’  she called out to her husband.

Rohit put away his newspaper and stared at the TV.  The TV presenter was hyperventilating and explaining DeScooterization.

‘From tonight 12am,  no 2 wheeler will be allowed on the roads.  People found riding two-wheelers will be penalized and can be kept in jail for 2 days.  Among, two wheelers,  only the Bicycle is allowed.  So, people,  if you are owning a ‘motorized’ two wheeler like the Scooter or motor bikes,  you cannot ride it any longer.  You have to ride a bicycle.  Please note that helmets are compulsory for all bicycle riders.’

The TV presenter halted some people riding motor bikes on the road and thrust the mike under their helmet faces.

‘What do you think, sir?’

‘About what?’ the helmet man asked.

‘Descooterization.’  She then went on to explain the whole thing.

‘But, why?’

‘To control pollution and improve the air quality for the citizens of India,  for our children and future generations,’ she explained.

‘But my bike has passed all pollution controls.  I have the PUC certificate too,’  helmet man persisted.

‘But, the rule has changed.  And you cannot ride this bike any longer,’ she continued.

The man left in a huff.

‘There will always be someone who will disagree.  But, soon they will realize,  that it is for the greater good.  A soldier is taught to adapt to the requirement.  They learn to drive all modes of transport,’  the TV presenter reasoned enthusiastically. Continue reading

Adventures in a summer village : Stranger than fiction

Mira had almost reached the door with the glasses of milk, when Ryan and Rex shot past her and the door.

‘Have the milk boys.. ‘ she screamed after them.

‘Later aunty,’ a voice floated back.

Which one was it? Ryan of Rex?  She could not tell them apart.  Like herself and her sister, the boys’ mother,  they were twins.

Ryan and Rex reached the lake and started with their games.  Games which only they understood.   There was hitting, spitting and hiding actions. They heard a big clang when Ryan’s feet hit a metallic object.   They could see something shiny on the ground.   Ryan started to shift the dirt to pull out the thing.

‘Hold on’ said Rex,  ‘let’s guess what it is.  I think it is the lost anchor of a boat full of treasures.’ Continue reading

Life Of Ki – Part 4 #Fiction

sunset-690240_640Ki finished her morning routine chores by 10 am and decided to take a short break before she starts to focus on the lunch routine.  Ki prepared her favourite coffee and sat down to read the newspaper.  She remembered that she had to look up for jobs.

She went to the classifieds section and started searching.  She wanted something nearby.  And nowadays many women were working from home.  She felt that would suit her better.  There were many requirements under the ‘Work From Home’ category.  Mostly promising 20,000 – 50,000 Rupees in a month.  That would be too good, felt Ki.   She had not yet prepared her resume.  But the job requirement did not mention what skills are needed.  She decided to call them and phoned the contact number.  A lady picked up the phone.  Continue reading