Flowers for whom     #FridayFictioneers

Flowers for whom #FridayFictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Betty looked at the note on the bouquet.  It was the same as always.  It was delivered at the same time,  every day and no one knew the sender.

“To, B With love, G”.

She did not care about the ‘G’.  But she wanted to know who is ‘B’ as she and her three sisters’ names started with ‘B’.

So, she decided to observe her sisters’ reactions to the bouquets.

Bella was indifferent.  Becky commented on the beautiful flowers.  Bianca laughed.

No one seemed to be bothered except for Betty.

And then, Mom walked in and exclaimed, “Aw Greg”.

I wrote this 100 word short story for #FridayFictioneers.  Read other stories for the same prompt here.

On the Run by Izai Amorim #BookReview

On the Run cover90218-medium

Author : Izai Amorim
Release date : September, 2016
Version : Kindle
Genre : Literary fiction, Humour

Pages: 326
Source :

Have you ever had a nightmare where you are running for your life and there is a group of people,  who are chasing you?  And you don’t know why you are running and who is chasing you.  All you know is that you have to keep being a step ahead and always running trying to get faster and faster.  It is a scary situation and you don’t know why.   The protagonist of the novel ‘On the Run’ is living this nightmare.

The super rich 25 year old, Pablo is drifting through the good life.  He will always have everything going great for him till the end of his life and the next few generations.

But one day,  he is stuck in crossfire between Mexican and Columbian drug dealers.  He discovers from the Mexicans that his identity has been stolen and someone else has been committing crimes and being a drug lord in his name.  And to further implicate him,  there is a dealing which happens in his own apartment.  The Mexicans shoot the Colombians and leave Pablo’s finger prints all over the place.  He has no way to escape.  But he does escape and finds himself in another of the mindless shootings in the US which has been happening recently with sickening frequency.  He escapes again.  He knows he is in deep sh*t now.  He is being trailed by Colombians who want revenge and also the FBI, Continue reading