Interview with Mr. Darcy  #WTFOW #writebravely

Interview with Mr. Darcy #WTFOW #writebravely

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite comfort books.  It never fails to give me a good laugh. I like all the characters in the book.  My favourite is, of course, Mr.  Darcy.  It was my ardent desire to know what goes inside that arrogant head of his,  which led me to this interview.

I reached for the interview at Pemberly a bit late.  It was not my mistake.  I got lost in its lovely gardens and water fountains.  Mr.  Butler showed me into Mr. Darcy’s study.  It was grand. The walls lined with leather bound books. Some were first editions.  Mr.  Darcy sat behind a large table.   It was dark and masculine.  But, there were some pretty curios and photo frames on his desk. This was most certainly, a touch from Elizabeth. Continue reading

Interview with Author Radhika Swarup

Interview with Author Radhika Swarup

Radhika Swarup

Radhika Swarup is a full time writer and commentator on feminist and Indian issues. She lives in London, and her work has appeared in Indian broadsheets and British literary journals. Her debut novel Where the River Parts, which follows the lives of a couple caught up in the India-Pakistan Partition, was published in February 2016.  It has now been published in India by Rupa Publications. I was lucky to read the book via NetGalley. It is a beautiful story of love and the book is an excellent read. Read the spoiler-free review on the blog.

Check out her website : and follow her on Twitter : @rdswarup

Here is a short Q&A with the author.


Tell us about your book ‘Where the River Parts’. 

Where the River Parts follows a Hindu-Muslim couple caught up in the traumatic Partition of India and Pakistan.  They are separated during the process, and don’t see each other for the next fifty years.  It is only half a century later, as both India and Pakistan are testing their nuclear weapons, that the two meet again in New York and face an impossible choice.  Where the River Parts straddles half a century and three countries, and has been described as a timeless tale of love, loss and longing.

At its heart, this is a love story.  What did you set out to tell readers when you started writing? 

Where the River Parts speaks of the distances that grow between us, reflected physically in Asha and Firoze’s separation, but also in the schism that grew between India and Pakistan.  So while the novel follows the love and loss experienced by its protagonists, it also follows the same emotions experienced by millions across both sides of the geographical border as once co-existing communities are torn apart and taught a hate-filled Continue reading

Getting familiar with Author : Olivier Lafont

He is a familiar face in movies and also in the ad world.  Who can forget Kareena’s fiance who accuses her of losing an expensive watch in the movie 3 Idiots?  Yeah,  he is the same.  He is also a fabulous writer.  Meet the author of ‘Warrior’ and ‘Sweet Revenge’ – Olivier Lafont.

About the authorOlilafont

Olivier Lafont is a French actor, author, and screenplay writer. His epic mythological fantasy novel ‘Warrior’ was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize and published by Penguin Random House. He has recently released a contemporary romance novel ‘Sweet Revenge’ and a fantasy novelette ‘Purgatory: The Gun of God’ exclusively on Kindle.

Lafont graduated from Colgate University, USA with degrees in English Literature and Theatre. The first feature film he wrote ‘Hari Om’ opened at the Toronto Film Festival and won seven awards at film festivals worldwide. He lives in Mumbai, where he also works as an actor. He is a well-known face in India due to his work in Bollywood films such as ‘3 Idiots’, and a couple Hollywood films, as well as over eighty television commercials.

Let us get familiar with author Olivier Lafont.

Tell us about your latest release ‘Sweet Revenge.’

‘Sweet Revenge’ is a contemporary romance novel. It’s about how former lovers Guy and Eve meet again after many years, and how he executes his revenge on her for their tumultuous separation earlier. The revenge turns out more complicated than anticipated when his and her resurgent feelings begin to get in the way of the plan… Continue reading

Getting Familiar with Author : Vikram Dhawan

Vikram Dhawan’s book Kashmir House,  which I had reviewed for Leadstart publishing,  agreed to answer some questions for our readers.  The book is a well-researched thriller.  Its different from the typical books we read from other Indian authors of late excluding the mythological ones, of course.   Here’s a man who wears many hats.

About the author 

Vikram Dhawan

Born in 1970, to parents whose families fled to India from Pakistan in 1947 after the Partition,
Vikram Dhawan grew up in northern India in the eventful 70s and 80s.

Playing in the trenches still around many years after the 1971 war, garish sterilisation campaigns,
and silent Emergency days, are some of his earliest childhood memories.

Vikram is well-traveled, well-read and passionate about world history and is inspired by personal
experiences of soldiers, spies and survivors of wars across the globe.

He has edited trade magazines and is frequently quoted in financial dailies.

Vikram Dhawan is an ex-banker and a Fund Manager.  He has worked for leading international banks like The Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada and N.M. Rothschild & Sons, U.K.  He was Fund Manager at the Reliance Mutual Fund and architect of the Reliance Gold Fund.

Vikram is now an independent Wealth & Risk Manager specializing in Equity, currency and
commodity derivatives. Continue reading

Getting familiar with Author : N S Ravi

NS Ravi has recently published his book ‘Those were the Days’.  It is a non-fiction book.  I am currently reading it with a review coming up soon.  It is definitely a genre of book which I normally do not read.  But this year, I had resolved to read books out of my comfort zone.  Therefore, reading non-fiction.  But I have no appetite for technical or politics.  History being a favorite genre for me,  I agreed to review this book for

About the book.

The book is a series of letters written by the author to his two children.  As a result,  the book covers diverse topics in a conversational manner.  It is also about a way of life which no longer exists.  As we see our new generation which has limited attention span and thinks anything prior to TV is pre-historic,  the book is a revelation.  It is also a kind of history which cannot be found in text books.  When I saw my non-reading 16-year old son read the book,  I knew the potential of the book is immense.

About the author.

NS Ravi holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Delhi.  He has had a distinguished career in the public and private sector.  He has widely traveled around India, and the world.  He speaks Tamil, Hindi, English and French.

Ravi is married and has two children.

Lets Get Familiar with the author N S Ravi.  

Hello Ravi, tell us about your book ‘Those were the days’. 

The book is a result of my discussions with qualified(Engineers,MBAs) young Indian colleagues aged below 30 years when we lived in an African country over a period of three years.Far removed from family, from English,from  sufficient number of Indian channels which normally could have kept us occupied,  we had a unique relationship different from that of a boss-subordinate .The innumerable discussions covered a wide spectrum of subjects  concerning India.  It became evident and clear to me that many people born after 1980 were not fully aware of the tremendous progress India has made over the last fifty years which I had the privilege to witness and silently participate.  It made me realize that there is a necessity to present a collage of the progress the country has made in the form of a book so that people do understand the progress the country has made. Continue reading