The aftermath  #MondayMusings

The aftermath #MondayMusings

The past week has been filled with protests in support of #Jallikattu.  Jallikattu is a bull taming sport held in Tamil Nadu,  just like Kaala ottam in Kerala or bullock cart race in Maharashtra.  The protest was against PETA which endorsed a ban on the sport due to animal cruelty.  The ban was upheld by the Supreme Court of India.  But,  this did not go down well with the locals who launched an impulsive, unplanned protest.  Soon,  it became a movement which was led by no one.  Thousands thronged the Marina beach in Tamil Nadu to protest.

Finally,  the government gave in and brought about an ordinance to lift the ban so that the sport can be held.  One would think,  that was a great success.  But, the people are now still protesting to get a permanent revoke of the ban from the Supreme Court.  It sounds good for democracy.  People are still heard. Continue reading