Interview with Mr. Darcy  #WTFOW #writebravely

Interview with Mr. Darcy #WTFOW #writebravely

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite comfort books.  It never fails to give me a good laugh. I like all the characters in the book.  My favourite is, of course, Mr.  Darcy.  It was my ardent desire to know what goes inside that arrogant head of his,  which led me to this interview.

I reached for the interview at Pemberly a bit late.  It was not my mistake.  I got lost in its lovely gardens and water fountains.  Mr.  Butler showed me into Mr. Darcy’s study.  It was grand. The walls lined with leather bound books. Some were first editions.  Mr.  Darcy sat behind a large table.   It was dark and masculine.  But, there were some pretty curios and photo frames on his desk. This was most certainly, a touch from Elizabeth. Continue reading

Five Romances I loved

I love reading romances especially the ones which takes me through the emotions, the longings, heart breaks and gets me completely involved in the outcome of the love story.  As a teenager,  I would devour Mills & Boon books and photo romances.  I am not sure if there are any photo romances around.  I haven’t seen one since I left school.  For the un-initiated, Photo romances were like graphic novels of love stories.  Instead of illustrations,  there were photos.  The heroes and heroines were very beautiful with wistful expressions.  We used to smuggle them into classrooms and read them during recess.  But like the M&Bs,  they were quick one time reads.  I did get over it as I grew older.  But there are some books which are eternally cherished.heart-762564_640

With Valentines day around, love is indeed in the air.  That is what the media and marketing folks want you to think anyways.  For those looking for some romance,  I am listing down books which I enjoyed and have re-read them.  The list does not include M&Bs and its only the books I have read.   I have read Nicholas Sparks but did not enjoy it so much, not even the movie.  I like the Twilight series movies but, did not read the book.  Danielle Steel I liked but her heroines are always in distress.  I like my heroines to be independent with a mind of their own.  So, here is the non-exhaustive list – Continue reading