Handling queries from my desi Jeeves

I was tapping away at my keyboard,  concentrating on the work at hand, shutting out all the outside sounds and completely focussed on my work.  Those who work from home know how important it is to be a self-starter, self-motivator, self-technical (ok, I made up that word),  but you get the idea.  And most of the days,  my housemaid is the only company I have at home.  The children flit in and out of the house either coming or going to school, classes, or going to play.

For one thing,  my female Jeeves,  as Mrs. Funnybones would call her, is mighty proud of my achievements.  She has taken it upon herself, that I should not be disturbed at any cost.  She helps hold out people at the door who come visiting at odd hours.  She also screens the phone calls so no tele-marketeer disturbs me and I can work hard.  She even tells my gas cylinder delivery guy,  “Ma’am is in a call”, as if he would understand.   Continue reading