Terminal Photo #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

Terminal Photo #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Shruti rummaged through Neil’s clothes in the laundry basket and sniffed them.  She was rewarded with a whiff of alien perfume.  She checked his pockets.  Just the odd railway ticket and some bills.

She explored his study table, read his scribblings on the notepad.  She turned on the laptop and logged in to Facebook.  Neil was tagged in some pictures near the rail terminal yesterday.  There he stood smiling gloriously into the cameras.   Perfect. Handsome Neil.  On his left was another male colleague,  but who was this new femme on the right.  She decided to ask Neil about her,  maybe invite her for some coffee.  But why wait for coffee time when she could just ask Jenny. Continue reading

Patterns #WriteBravely #MondayMusings

Patterns #WriteBravely #MondayMusings

Shruti watched as Neil went about his morning routines.  She would have been there helping him,  but the headache kept her in the bed.

Neil was a creature of habit bordering on OCD.  Before taking his bath,  he had laid out his clothes on the bed in reverse sequence of what he needed first.  He selected a tie to go with his clothes and kept it on the dressing table to be worn last.  Today it was a striped pattern with small red boxes on it. Continue reading

So many things to do,  so little time #MondayMusings

So many things to do, so little time #MondayMusings

Monday starts post a lazy weekend with not a single significant activity done by me.  I just planted two new pots on my window sill.   But, every moment this weekend I spent thinking and working on my blog and blog posts. And I must thank Corinne @ WriteTribe for this.

Over the weekend, I have been reading up on ‘parallax’ website designing.  You can see this on the Write Tribe website itself.  I am seeing this design being used on many websites – corporate as well as personal.  The advantage being,  it should load faster and will be easy to navigate on a mobile phone.  Right now, I am checking out youtube videos for the same.  Something to think about during my spare times.  Have you tried this design?  I do not see any disadvantages.  Let me know if any.

I love the Saturday Story prompts on the Write Tribe group where she gives a prompt to write flash fiction in five sentences. It is liberating to write out lines without thinking about perfection, relevance, grammar, logic and no frills like setting up a blog post. Just dash five lines and read others’ stories. It has been a good writing exercise and brought back my story telling mojo.  I even woke up in the middle of my sleep to jot down some lines which I could use later.  Most of the group members came up with multiple stories. Continue reading

Never in My Name #NotInMyName

Never in My Name #NotInMyName

A Muslim friend of mine,  raved and ranted about the killing of 16-year-old Junaid in Delhi.  He forwarded a message which was spewing with hatred and accused all Hindus of being the killers.  This was not an illiterate or impulsive youth.  This is a perfectly sane, educated, middle-aged family man who is also a Doctor.  Where did this hate come from? We have spent years together sitting on the same bench as classmates and never hated each other.

There was no way I could think of comforting him.  But, it showed his deep insecurities living in a country in which he and his ancestors were born.  He was worrying about a future for his children who belong to this country.  Where should he go?  Who will comfort his fears?   When did it become ‘them’ and ‘us’?  Weren’t we the same?   Continue reading

Reality checks    #MondayMusings

Reality checks #MondayMusings

I wiped my work table with a dry cloth to remove the dust accumulated on it.  I gingerly took out the laptop and its accessories from it’s bag and placed it on the table.  It has a month since I worked on this laptop due to my vacation.  With a heavy heart tinged with boredom,  I connected the laptop and started it.

As I sat in front of the laptop and waited for the 1000s of unread emails to load,  I felt even more disillusioned.   I had taken this vacation after two years and the month had just sped by.  I had planned to write everyday,  research a bit of history,  work on some outlines.   But when I reached Kerala,  I realized there was no internet connection where I stayed.  Mobile internet was negligible.  It would connect sometime in the middle of the night and load my messages.  I thought about the endless hours stretching in front of me due to no internet.

The boys had serious withdrawal symptoms.  They were appalled that there was no wi-fi,  but not able to connect on the dongle was the last straw.  Everything happens for a reason,  I thought.  I hoped the boys,  and I,  get over the no internet phase.

I put my blog posts on the backburner and plunged into the lazy joys of the vacation.  With nothing hanging over my head and no deadlines to meet, it was a breeze.  Soon,  I was too much involved in the day to day living.   The cousin’s house we were parked in had about 20 people across all age groups between 82 and 7.   No internet meant, the kids got along with each other and played.

But,  they did spend a lot of time speaking to their friends on their mobiles and I wished,  if only the network was also limited.

I can promise you I did not learn anything new,  or did anything significant.  I just lived.

And now I wish,  I can turn time backwards and relive the holidays again.

The e-mails are still loading and I start filtering to read only the relevant emails as I get back to work mode.

When was the last time you went on a really long holiday?