If we were having coffee… 6th Nov  #weekendcoffeeshare

If we were having coffee… 6th Nov #weekendcoffeeshare

if-we-were-having-coffeeHey everybody.  How is the post-holiday-back-to-work life treating you?  After four days of sheer laziness,  where we just ate, slept, went for a movie, visited friends and relatives,  it was difficult to get back into work routine.  Does it really take only four days to get you off your routine?  For me it did.  And I felt, the days flew pretty fast.

The first day I spent with my younger son at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya,  Museum for short.  We spent a good part of the day walking in the museum and loved every moment of it.  I had some other outings also planned,  but seeing the tired legs of my 11-year old,  I gave up.  We came back to Churchgate station,  bought our food and sat on the bench.  It was good to rest our legs and watch the trains arrive and go.  My son enjoyed it.

The second day, was date day with the husband for the Movie Ae dil hai Mushkil.  Another fun day,  came to an end too soon.  Day three and four went faster than I could think about it.  This was also the first time,  we could spend some couple time on a holiday.  Till now,  we used to be running around the children,  celebrating around their wishes and schedules.  A few more years and we will start missing their childhood.  My only wish is to spend more time with my 11 year old before he becomes a rebellious teen. Continue reading

If we were having coffee .. #weekendcoffeeshare

cappuccino-276505_640If we were having coffee,  you would tell me that I have not shared coffee with you since a long time.  I try to hide my face but then what are friends for if they do not complain about you.  I had some good reasons too.  I was caught up in life and its tantrums.

Life went on a tad too monotonously.  I have been reading your exciting posts and I felt, I had nothing to share.  It was also summer vacations here and with the children at home,  or rather at the playground the whole day,  I just had time to see to it they are fed on time and bathed daily.

We did make a short trip to Mahabaleshwar,  a neighbouring hill-station for some TLC.  And a week ago,  the school and colleges have started and the boys are back to their daily hectic routines.  And now I can get back to blogging.  That was the major reason for staying away.   And I think you will understand.

This week the much-anticipated monsoon is back in Mumbai.  After the total absence of rain last year,  we are hoping and praying for a good three months of soul drenching, flooding and grinding life to a halt rain.  The drought last year has been a wake-up call to preserve the delicate environment.  I am glad that in my local area,  there are many ponds and lakes.  This year they have been systematically cleaned up and readied for rain-water harvesting.  This year should be better than the last.  Mumbai, with its burgeoning migrant population cannot afford to have a drought.  The civic authorities may just ask us to leave the city.

On the book blogging front,  two of my reviews will be up soon and there are three more pending to be read.   Be back to check out the reviews on the blog.  Sadly,  I am losing out on a lot of reading time due to work and family,  urging me to move towards audio books.   I am discovering a whole new world of audio books now.  If you haven’t, check out some free classic reads on Librivox.org.

On a different thought,  I really wish someone will do a reading of Malayalam language novels.  I would love to listen to them in their original forms instead of half-baked translations.  Anyone wants to take it up?

This year, emboldened by successfully completing the April A-to-Z challenge, I have also signed up for CampNanowrimo pledging to write 30,000 words.  I have been wanting to write longer stories but never got around to it.  The plan is to write a romantic story.  Putting in some plots and plans in place for the same now.  Do send me your suggestions.  What kind of love story excites you?

I need all your wishes and blessings as I start my journey next week.

So, how have things been with you?  What is keeping you busy,  my dear friend?

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