The Madurai Meenakshi Temple #WTFOW #writebravely

The Madurai Meenakshi Temple #WTFOW #writebravely

I visited the Meenakshi Amman temple of Madurai in April this year with my parents and sons.  I have still not recovered from the beauty of this magnificent temple town and its surroundings.  I feel,  I have not yet seen it all completely and plan to revisit the temple again.

This was a plan I made for close to a year ever since I saw a post from a fellow blogger.   My maternal grandfather had visited the temple in his youth and had asked my mother to visit it atleast once in her lifetime.  It is incredibly beautiful.  The pictures I took do absolutely no justice to the beauty of the place.

Tamil temple architecture is different from Kerala temple architecture.  The layouts are similar with an outer periphery,  an inner periphery and the sanctum sanctorum with the idol inside the inner periphery.  Everything is laid out as per the shastras with the idols placed as per directions.  Kerala temples are sombre, serious affairs with the stone walls left in its natural states,  minimal decorations,  quiet atmosphere inside the temple with the smell of sandalwood paste, flowers and coconuts. Continue reading

CST in photos

Can you guess which railway station is it?   Mumbaikars,  it is not CST.


When I was in London a few years ago,  I was amazed with the similarities of buildings and even railway stations to Mumbai.

One of the striking similarity I could see is between Kings Cross and St Pancras station in London and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) formerly known as Victoria Terminus.   Kings Cross station is also famous for the 9 and 3/4 platform of Harry Potter. Continue reading

Meenmutty waterfalls in Thiruvananthpuram

Meenmutty waterfalls in Thiruvananthpuram

I belong to one of the most beautiful states in India, Kerala, which is a hot tourist destination, even nicknamed as ‘God’s own country’.   But, being from the place itself,  we are used to the abundance of nature and color around us, and take them for granted.  So, when my children visit Kerala,  they would be completely bored with being in the same place.  They couldn’t understand what all the hoopla was about Kerala.  So, we, my parents and me, decided to give them a taste of Kerala and decided to go on a one day trip to a nearby place in Thiruvananthpuram.

gods own country

Googling the same on internet, came up with a couple of popular places like the Padmanabhapuram Temple, Museums, Zoo.. all popular.  But we had already visited them and it was crowded with tourists during the summer vacation.  But it is still worth a visit.  Anyways, we zeroed in on Neyyar Dam and a sanctuary near by.  Next we called up for a vehicle and the driver recommended the place ‘Ponmudi’.  Now my family had heard about it but never been there.   Checking the same on internet,  gave some beautiful images.

And so on a Saturday morning around 7.30am we left home.  It was an odd group.  Two senior citizens – my parents, two juniors – my sons and then middle-aged myself.  The driver was in his early twenties.  We carried water bottles, juice packets, fruits and some biscuits.

Post two hours, we halted at a place called ‘Meenmutty falls’. Frankly, its not on the internet, atleast not the one near Ponmudi.  The place is maintained by the Forest Department.  We had to take entry tickets costing Rs. 20 per adult and Rs. 10 per child below 12 years.  And if we are carrying plastic bottles, it has to be declared and paid a deposit of Rs. 50 per bottle.  They put a sticker on the bottle.  Once we are back and show the sticker bottle,  the deposit is returned.  It’s a very effective way to prevent littering.  As soon as we entered,  we could see the stream which has the water flowing from the waterfall.  The stream is full of neat boulders, the sides are left as completely wild.  We can see the crystal clear water flowing into the stream. w

20150425_101232 20150425_101424

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