If we were having coffee…   #WTFOW #writebravely

If we were having coffee… #WTFOW #writebravely

Hello friends!  Atlast I hear a sigh of relief, elation and a bit of sadness. Let us talk about this fabulous week we had.

If we were having coffee,  I would tell you that I had such a fabulous week writing for the ‘Write Tribe Festival of Words’.   It was 7 continuous days of writing based on prompts.  There was this whole group of people who became friends during this period.  We egged each other on,  gave suggestions and did everything to support each other.  A bit similar to the April A to Z with fewer number of days.   Continue reading

When vada pavs came to the rescue

When vada pavs came to the rescue

The vada pav was born in the 1960s in the textile mill areas of Mumbai.  It is a quick grab and bite snack, easy on the pocket, fulfilling on the stomach.  Vada Pavs are sold in the millions every day.  During recession times,  we used to joke that if we ever become jobless,  we will start our own vada pav stall. Source : Wikipedia

But someone, really followed it.  A few years ago,  a Vada pav shop opened in my neighborhood.  It is no roadside eatery.  It is a proper shop which sold only vada pavs.  It is managed by a homely middle aged lady and two middle aged men.  One is the husband and the other is a relative.  My inquisitive friend informed me that the husband lost his job due to his factory shutting down and so they have started this shop.  The shop owners would come in the mornings and evenings and sell vada pavs.  Over the years,  they have made up their own brand due to the distinct taste of their vadas,  chutneys and softer pav.  The taste is the only identifier.  There is no fancy packaging, tissues and all that snazz.  Just unadulterated vada pav packed in newspaper or a paper plate or sometimes hand.  Hygiene is high priority.  We have to queue up outside the shop to get our share of vada pavs.  The queues are long and monsoon queues are longer,  but we do not want to miss out on our favorite local vada pav.  They further expanded the menu to include samosas and bhajjis,  too.  Everything is managed by these three people.

They are just one of the few nameless souls who add flavor to my small locality.  Wouldn’t it be fun to discover such quaint places which only cater a niche food?

Source : Zomato.com I can think of the ice cream shop at Churchgate at Wankhede stadium who serve handmade ice-cream sandwiched between two wafers.  The place is packed (maybe they should do the queue thing) with families waiting for their orders.  They insist they have no branches.  They use only natural ingredients and the ice-cream is out of the world.  Try  it out.  Any more can you think of.

I can now look them up on the Nouns App available on Google Playstore.  It is an app for foodies, by foodies where people share their food experiences.  Spread the word of your favorite food eateries and find new ones through the app.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post.  Views are my own.  

Images source : Vada Pav – Wikipedia.com,  Ice Cream – Zomato.com 

Reality checks    #MondayMusings

Reality checks #MondayMusings

I wiped my work table with a dry cloth to remove the dust accumulated on it.  I gingerly took out the laptop and its accessories from it’s bag and placed it on the table.  It has a month since I worked on this laptop due to my vacation.  With a heavy heart tinged with boredom,  I connected the laptop and started it.

As I sat in front of the laptop and waited for the 1000s of unread emails to load,  I felt even more disillusioned.   I had taken this vacation after two years and the month had just sped by.  I had planned to write everyday,  research a bit of history,  work on some outlines.   But when I reached Kerala,  I realized there was no internet connection where I stayed.  Mobile internet was negligible.  It would connect sometime in the middle of the night and load my messages.  I thought about the endless hours stretching in front of me due to no internet.

The boys had serious withdrawal symptoms.  They were appalled that there was no wi-fi,  but not able to connect on the dongle was the last straw.  Everything happens for a reason,  I thought.  I hoped the boys,  and I,  get over the no internet phase.

I put my blog posts on the backburner and plunged into the lazy joys of the vacation.  With nothing hanging over my head and no deadlines to meet, it was a breeze.  Soon,  I was too much involved in the day to day living.   The cousin’s house we were parked in had about 20 people across all age groups between 82 and 7.   No internet meant, the kids got along with each other and played.

But,  they did spend a lot of time speaking to their friends on their mobiles and I wished,  if only the network was also limited.

I can promise you I did not learn anything new,  or did anything significant.  I just lived.

And now I wish,  I can turn time backwards and relive the holidays again.

The e-mails are still loading and I start filtering to read only the relevant emails as I get back to work mode.

When was the last time you went on a really long holiday?


If we were having coffee  ..15 October

If we were having coffee ..15 October

if-we-were-having-coffee-2Hello everyone!  This time I am back sooner.  Its the bright sunshine, I tell you.  Well I was not a fan of the sunshine as we get it abundantly in India.  But, a short stint under the grey, wet, cold skies of London and I fell in love with the sun.

The last week with the Navratri holiday on Tuesday was more hectic than usual, so much so that I now hate holidays happening in the middle of the week.  It just piles on the work.  It completely threw off my reading and writing schedules.  I have to review two books – Untamed by Laxmi Hariharan and She Leads, She walks by Gunjan Jain.  Both books are out of my comfort zone,  one is fantasy and the other is non-fiction.  Reviews will be coming up next week.   Continue reading

If we were having coffee 7th October

If we were having coffee 7th October

cappuccino-7octIf we were having coffee,  I would tell you that it feels so good to write this post after a long break.  I like to take my coffee at a leisurely pace mostly on a Saturday, after a siesta.  It is a day I look forward to the entire week.  I have a holiday and the children, the hubby and the maid do not.  It means I can just lie in and do whatever I want.  Not every Saturday is so blessed,  but today it is.

After two weeks of incessant drizzling,  we finally have a sunny day today.  Every year,  by this time, the rains are long gone and it is hot at this time of the year.  I do not mind the rain,  but its been raining continuously for four months and now I have had enough.  Feels good to see the blue skies and the sun shining.  Another week, and then we will start cribbing about these sunny days and look forward to our mild winter which starts by end of November.  Diwali cleaning will kick in next week.  But today,  I will only rest. Continue reading