Word of the Year  #WOTY

Word of the Year #WOTY

Last year was the first time I had selected a word to define what I planned to do.  I had chosen ‘Discover’.  It was successful as it changed my perspective and approach to many aspects in life.

This year,  I want to go a step ahead.  I want to not only discover,  but also persist.  I am a classic example of the Lazy Libran.  I make great plans, multiple plans and nitty-gritty plans.  Then I ensure, they remain just that.  Plans.  I want to get out of this procrastination and mountain of excuses that always tell me there is always a next time.   I do not want to wait for that next time.

I also discovered,  that I had multiple plans in ‘ON’ mode all the time.  I was having a pile of books to review,  writing targets,  personal life, job.  In the end,  I did nothing.  I want to streamline some of my activities so that I can focus on what I want to achieve.  I do not want to do everything and achieve nothing.

I want to focus on my non-existent writing.  As a result, I will reduce my book review commitments.  I am spending too much time in forced reading  and yet not able to keep up the commitments.  Of course, I will read,  I can’t stay away from books.  This year will be for reading my own books whenever possible.

I will persist in focusing on writing down my story ideas.  I will persist in writing short stories, novellas and a lot more.    And therefore,  my word of the year is ‘Persistence’.  No more putting off.  Persist and complete and succeed.  That is the mantra for this year.

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My Word of the Year 2017

My Word of the Year 2017

It has never been my endeavor to have a word define what I want to do.  I found them too childish and funny and swept them away as another New Year resolutions fad.   But as I walked into another fresh year,  I realised there are too many things I want to do,  but I am unable to do because of other commitments.  I also realised,  there is no ‘good’ time to start anything new.  ‘Someday’ is not in the future.  The best time is definitely now.  I have been making some sub-conscious decisions in the past few months.  I realise now that it all does lead up to a single concept or word.  At work,  we had filled up a questionnaire which helped to identify our basic traits.  My first trait was ‘Learner’.  The description they provided fit me to the ‘T’.  It says,  that I am always trying to learn new things.  I am unafraid to venture into new things. But, on the downside,  I also learn a lot of irrelevant things.  Stuff which I will never need anytime in my lifetime.  But I still pursue it.  It is a fact, I know it. Continue reading